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24 Unique Thanksgiving Desserts You Should Try

Published on: November 18, 2022

Easy Thanksgiving Desserts

No matter how delicious your Thanksgiving dinner turns out to be, it is not complete without a special Thanksgiving dessert!

Many of these desserts can be made in advance with little effort. Do you have plans to prepare some mouthwatering desserts?

Then take your tools out of your kitchen and let’s start preparing.

24 Unique Thanksgiving Desserts You Should Try

There are so many different kinds of unique thanksgiving desserts that we had to include some truly out-of-the-ordinary ones, like Mississippi Mud Pie.

If you are looking for a unique Thanksgiving dessert and you find this recipe, then you really ought to give it a shot.

The Mississippi Mud Pie is a decadent layered dessert that begins with a crumb crust made from crushed Oreo cookies. After that comes a fudgy chocolate cake that is covered in a layer of chocolate mousse. The final layer is a chocolate ganache.

This mouthwatering Thanksgiving dessert is finished off with mountainous mounds of fluffy whipped cream. The fulfillment of every chocoholic’s wildest dreams!

A chocolate chess pie is a traditional Southern dessert. It has a center that is much like a rich and luscious brownie, and the top layer has a texture that is somewhere between slightly crackly and slightly crisp.

This perfectly chocolatey pie should be served just slightly warm with whipped cream, ice cream, or on its own.

Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy this easy Thanksgiving dessert, making it an excellent option for the Thanksgiving table.

This Oreo Pie Recipe is the best thanksgiving dessert you’ll ever eat, and it requires no baking at all!

The preparation is quick and requires only a few basic ingredients, but the finished product is velvety smooth.

There is no need for an oven. Simply stack everything up, and you’ll have a delectable dessert that gives the impression of being extremely difficult to prepare but is actually quite simple.

On Thanksgiving, you should absolutely include this easy Thanksgiving dessert as one of your options.

These traditional Thanksgiving Fudgy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are rich, fudgy, chocolate cookies that are soft-baked and thick.

How could anyone say no to something that was generously coated with powdered sugar and had crispy crinkles baked right in?

Due to the fact that these crinkle cookies are so exceptionally scrumptious, this recipe is practically required for the holiday season.

You are going to want to add these to your list of baked goods to make!

Pecan sandies made at home are brown sugar shortbread cookies that are loaded with pecans in chopped form. These cookies are incredibly tasty and also a unique Thanksgiving dessert idea!

It’s easy to make homemade pecan sandies, which are flavorful and simple. The texture is somewhat similar to that of shortbread, and they are loaded with pecans that have been finely chopped all throughout.

Because of how well they go with hot beverages like tea or coffee, these are one of the very best kinds of cookies to enjoy when the weather turns cooler.

Additionally, it is a delicious cookie that would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving cookie plate.

For a traditional Thanksgiving dessert that is bursting with autumnal flavor, try making pumpkin roll cake, which combines soft pumpkin cake with a generous swirl of cream cheese filling.

Throughout the holiday season, there are numerous appearances of the delectable pumpkin spice roll cake recipe.

The traditional Thanksgiving dessert made with pumpkin is an excellent choice for the Thanksgiving table, or any other time of year in between.

Easy Ice Cream Cake is sure to become your new favorite cake because it is so delectable and easy to make. 

Don’t miss this simple ice cream cake recipe that your guests will adore, which is made with ice cream, fudge, Oreos, whipped cream, and sugar.

Do not pass up the opportunity to make this simple ice cream cake recipe, which features ice cream, fudge, Oreos, whipped cream, and sugar.

This easy Thanksgiving dessert is so delicious, and your guests are going to love it on Thanksgiving Day!

The ultimate cookie and Biscoff indulgence is this Biscoff Cookie Pie! It’s a cookie with brown sugar, white chocolate chips, and Biscoff spread in the middle, surrounded by Biscoff biscuits.

They are a decadent treat, and each and every one of their bites is pure bliss.

There are a few steps involved in making a cookie pie, but once you take your first bite, you will acknowledge that the effort was well worth it!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is a quick and simple thanksgiving dessert that requires no baking and can be assembled in just fifteen minutes.

This peanut butter pie with pudding has a texture that is smooth and creamy, making it a delicious dessert that the whole family will enjoy.

A tasty thanksgiving dessert that is sure to be a welcome addition to the Thanksgiving meal.

These Neapolitan butter cookies are not only fun and colorful, but they are also much simpler to make than you might imagine.

Just like the classic ice cream version, this one has layers of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

There is no requirement for specialized knowledge! You can prepare the dough up to two days in advance, then layer it in a loaf pan and allow it to chill in the refrigerator until you are ready to cut it into pieces and bake it.

The perfect traditional dessert option to include on your Thanksgiving menu.

The base of these Cherry Cheesecake Brownies is a homemade brownie that is dense and fudgy.

It is topped with a layer of cherry pie filling and then a layer of creamy cheesecake.

You’re in the right place if you enjoy delectable desserts. An easy thanksgiving dessert to add to the Thanksgiving dessert menu that will appeal to and be enjoyed by everyone.

Pumpkin and dark chocolate are a flavorful combination that shines through in this bite-sized truffle. After a Thanksgiving meal, they are the ideal choice for a delectable bite-sized dessert.

Pumpkin Cheesecake without Truffles Gluten, in the form of fall-flavored truffle balls, are a fun and quick way to prepare perfectly portioned finger food.

You don’t need to bake these easy thanksgiving dessert, but they have the flavor of the best bite of pumpkin pie cheesecake you’ve ever had

These Salted Caramel Meringues are the ideal dessert because they only require four ingredients and are fuss-free. They are light, crisp, and gorgeously chewy.

Anything made with meringue is guaranteed to be a hit with guests and is an excellent option for the dessert course on Thanksgiving.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to whip up, it’s perfect for using up any extra egg whites you have, and it’s the most decadent dessert you can imagine.

The name “lava cake” refers to a cake with a runny center that resembles an erupted volcano with lava pouring out on all sides.

You will likely think you are forgetting something or making a mistake while making this lava cake because it is so simple to make. Don’t worry; everything is fine. You don’t seem to be losing things.

It really is that simple. Additionally, this unique thanksgiving dessert is incredibly delicious and can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

It’s a unique thanksgiving dessert idea for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Are you looking for a fall dessert that can be prepared quickly and easily but still manages to look fancy also in Thanksgiving Day?

The solution can be found in this cranberry apple galette, and you’ll enjoy every bite of the flaky, homemade crust as well as the tangy-sweet fruit filling it contains.

If you are a fan of pies with flavors reminiscent of autumn, you have to try this pecan pie, and this recipe for short crust pastry will meet all of your requirements for baking pies.   

Ideal for celebrations of all kinds, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Because of the silky texture and smooth consistency, this chocolate pie is sometimes referred to as “French Silk.”

This scrumptious French Silk Pie is topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls, and it has a filling that is similar to mousse and is baked inside of a flaky pie crust.

A stunning and delectable thanksgiving dessert that would make a wonderful addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

A must try dessert item for you that is easy to make.

Cheesecake is both the best dessert and the best food to eat when you want to relax and take it easy.

These bite-sized versions of turtle cheesecake feature a crust made of buttered graham crackers and a filling made of smooth vanilla cheesecake.

The decadent caramel sauce and chocolate ganache that top these individual cheesecakes are the perfect finishing touches.

Mini turtle cheesecake dessert is the best and most unique option for adding to your Thanksgiving dessert menu.

Macarons flavored with chocolate and peppermint make the ideal Thanksgiving cookie for the holiday season. They have a flavor that is both robust and delicate at the same time.

If you have a deft hand and really pay attention to what you’re doing while you’re making these macarons, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how straightforward the process is.

In spite of the fact that your macarons may crack or fail to form feet, the end result will still be a delectably tasty confection that everyone will adore.

A lemon tart can be prepared in countless different ways. You could prepare a lemon curd filling, mascarpone, cream cheese, or whipped cream that has been flavor-infused with lemon, or a delectable French lemon cream filling.

This French lemon cream tart is for people who enjoy citrus because it is creamy, tart, and full of citrus flavor. 

A tart citrus cream is sandwiched between two layers of sweet short crust pastry. It’s a delicious thanksgiving dessert for Thanksgiving Day.

The traditional French dessert known as a “Napoleon” consists of nothing more than alternating layers of flaky, crispy puff pastry and rich vanilla pastry cream. 

Most people agree that it is one of the most popular desserts ever.

The layers of flaky pastry and pastry cream have a contrast in texture that is magnificent. They are light as air, while the pastry cream has a custard-like consistency and is highly addictive!

You should definitely try this unique Thanksgiving dessert recipe for Thanksgiving Day.

Raspberry cheesecake bars that do not require baking are the ideal dessert to prepare when you do not have access to an oven.

The buttery graham cracker crust and smooth raspberry swirl cheesecake are both delicious and stunning in their presentation.

Everyone’s go-to Thanksgiving dessert is these raspberry cheesecake bars, and they’re perfect for the holiday.

Keep them in an airtight container in the refrigerator, and whenever you feel the need to refresh yourself, just grab one. Find your ingredients, and you won’t need much time to whip up this delectable dessert!

This Lemon Delicious Pudding is a hit with those who enjoy lemon-flavored desserts, which is the ideal Thanksgiving dessert. It can be prepared in a short amount of time and has a delicious flavor whether it is served hot or cold.

Even after being refrigerated, the sponge in this Lemon Delicious Pudding maintains its beautiful softness and has the mouth feel of freshly baked bread.

The secret to making this sponge that is extraordinarily light and airy is to whip the egg whites until they form stiff peaks and then gently fold them into the batter

The best milkshake of all time is a freakshake. A homemade milkshake serves as the foundation, and everything you can imagine is used to decorate it, including sprinkles, candy, doughnuts, cookies, and waffles.

Drinking one of these incredibly delicious S’mores freakshakes is the ideal way to spend this Thanksgiving! A fun variation on the traditional snack, they are.

They are surprisingly simple and fun to make despite how impressive they appear.

This lemon blueberry trifle is a delicious no-bake dessert that would be perfect for the Thanksgiving dessert menu.

Dousing the trifle sponges in Limoncello, an Italian liqueur, as well as covering them in lemon curd and topping them with fresh, juicy blueberries, brings out the delicious flavors. What a delectable treat!

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